Custom VR Headsets

designed by Google

Branded by You

Red VR headset front and back printed
VR headset front printed

Future of content consumption

• perfect promotional gift
• huge branding space
• supports iPhone, Android and Windows phones
• lots of engaging content
• 2016 Olympics have 85h of VR footage
• people love it

Big brands use VR

Big brands that use VR headsets for promotion

Google cardboard 2.0

Google cardboard 2.0 features

Price $3.54 $2.87/pc $3.19/pc

Today 20% off, tomorrow 10%, 0% day after!
Today 10% off, tomorrow 0%
• Lead time 5-10 working days
• Custom full color print (UV print)
• MOQ 100pcs
• Fully printed sleeve
13 branded cardboard googles
* the price is for over 1000pcs
13 branded cardboard googles

Free apps and games


Apps on Google play

  • Space Explorer
  • Zombie Shooter
  • VRSE


More apps on iTunes

  • Mad Racer
  • Air Race
  • Roller Coaster

Windows phone

Microsoft store apps

  • Froggy
  • InMind
  • Crazy Swing
360 view of custom VR headsets
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